[Apparel] The Lineage Of. . . Edwin Denim

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Edwin Denim

in lineage, i’ll be attempting to give some form of insight into a brands history; particularly the brands i wear/have worn and/or that i have respect for.

EDWIN are one of those old-skool Japanese denim brands, the EDWIN brand has been around since the late 1960s, although founder Mr. Tsunemi (who first name shall seemingly remains. . . nameless) had been crafting jeans since the late 1940s. the name is a smart play on the word DENIM – flip the M, you get a W then move the letters about to get EDWIN – very Sherlock Holmes.

Mr. Tsunemi’s main focus for the EDWIN brand has always been on its “innovation & craftmanship“, it’s crazy that everybody will have heard of companies like Levi’s & Diesel but in some regards EDWIN have had a far greater imprint on contemporary denim.

  • in the 1970s EDWIN created what they termed as ‘old wash’ – they began to pre-distress jeans for that worn in look which was becoming fashionable but took time to achieve; this is something now commonplace in every jeans brands catalogue.
  • then in the 1980s they originated ‘stone washing’, now after being forced to wear stonewash Wranglers for a considerable part of my under-10s i’m not sure whether i should really like anything EDWIN do as the trauma of stone washed denim is still vivid in my memory but there’s no doubting it too the whole globe by storm.

Rob Poutney from EDWIN UK, did an interview for the Urban Industry Store, with a slightly more detailed, vocalised background on the company –

he’s also done some overviews on the different fits in the EDWIN range, you can get these via the Urban Industry Store YouTube page.

they even have Sir Bradley of armPitt signed up to advertise for the company in Japan, who knew Brad could sing this badly –

the fact that EDWIN have stayed consistant to the companies initial ideologies, having owned a pair of ED77 Japanese Denim – Raw Granite i can vouch for the quality, the denim is heavy & the detailing on point; i’m not a big “Raw” denim fan but must admit to always liking the look of a pair of EDWINs.

you can get your EDWIN from the usual e-places.

Peace eZ” – Jp

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Root: Edwin Europe


[Design] Diesel x Foscarini – GRAF Lamps

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Diesel x Foscarini - GRAF Lamps

i’m all about the furnishings, my squat looks like BatMans cave so seeing these lamps from the Spring 2010 – Successful Living range from Diesel, in conjunction with Foscarini & i must say i like. here i was thinking all Diesel were good at making were over-priced denimbut these lamps aren’t simply there to brighten a space, they tell a narrative through iconic, humorous images.

one of the lamps takes perspective from a DJ’s deck with the other taking  perspective from a pilots’ cockpit, with both being backed with nature-inspired images of classic floral themes; making these one for more than just the men.

i’m about to spend a whole lot of money i don’t really have, more pics after the click.


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