[Audio] Simply Samples : Wednesday 03rd March 2010

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Dr. Yusef Lateef (born William Emanuel Huddleston, October 9, 1920) is a Detroit-raised Grammy Award-winning composer, performer, recording artist, author, educator and philosopher who has been a major force on the international musical scene for more than six decades. A virtuoso on a broad spectrum of reed instruments including the tenor saxophone, flute, oboe, bamboo flute, shanai, shofar, argol, sarewa, and taiwan koto.

Sampled –

Yusef Lateef – Love Theme From Spartacus

In 1961 Lateef recorded the album “Eastern Sounds“. The album features Lateef’s continued exploration and passion for eastern music. This exploration for eastern music is highly evident in todays generation of producers. Madlib’sBeat Konducta Vol 3–4: Beat Konducta In India for example. “Love Theme From Spartacus”  taken from the 1960’s film “Spartacus ” is today’s sampled track. Something a little different, but well worth listening to with it’s haunting melodies. More after the click.


[Audio] Simply Samples : Monday 22nd February 2010

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I feel like I’ve neglected “Simple Samples” as of late. Therefore I decided to have a little rummage through my 12” collection and found this. Marc Moulin – Placebo Sessions: 1971-1974. Marc Moulin began his musical career as a pianist in jazz-circles. As customary in the jazz-scene, he played with many European & American musician in ever changing line-ups.

Sampled –

Placebo – Humpty Dumpty

Placebo became the band that Marc Moulin assembled (not to be confused with the Brian Molko Placebo) Placebo was the first Belgian group to advance in jazz/funk/rock territories. As a result are considers pioneers within the fusion scene. “Humpty Dumpty” appeared on their first LP “Ball Of Eyes” in 1971. More after the click.


[Audio] Simply Samples : Saturday 09th January 2010

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Samples – “They can illustrate the particular instruments or musical elements in a song in a way that a text description cannot.

Original beats, Original samples. Here to share with you some of the greatest hip-hop and break break samples ever use then letting you know why they sound like you might have heard them before. First up. . .

Sampled –

Ronnie Foster – Mystic Brew

Recorded for his album Two Headed Freap on Blue Note in n January 1972. The album didn’t receive much attention or critical praise. Fosters records have been rediscovered by a new generation of listeners in the ’90s, as well, with several of his records used as source material for sample-heavy acid-jazz and hip-hop records. Sample after the click.