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in lineage, i’ll be attempting to give some form of insight into a brands history; particularly the brands i wear/have worn and/or that i have respect for.

Pointer are a young company, only having begun in 2004. they design are simple, yet finely constructed casual footwear, a stand out in a culture that supports multi-coloured trainers and limited edition sneakers. the silhouettes are clean & the ethos behind the shoes solid. they’re not simply a casual sneaker brand or a casual shoe bran though, Pointer can do it all.

founder Gareth Skewis, who was started out as a skater, runs the company. it is as is a response to the increasing lack of quality in the footwear market that Pointer take such pride in the way they make their shoes. simple, casual footwear that is also attractive is indeed hard to find.

personal favourites –

Pointer - Mathieson

the Mathieson is my everyday shoe, can wear them anything. got ankle support but not an overly ‘hi-top’ look to them; comfortable & durable. been asked many aa-time where i got them from & what they are, they’re an understated crowd pleaser.

Pointer - Soma II

i must have gotten my first pair of Pointers about 4 years ago & the Soma (I, i guess you would call them now) were those – i must admit my fancy of them was fleeting but they were a good shoe – got mad attention for the design too – had the Pointer ‘P’ all over, Blue-on-White.

as a brand i rate Pointer pretty near the top of my list, the quality & build far surpass a vast majority of brands out there. for a brand most don’t pay attention to they might seem expensive but for the quality, they surpass any 1-10s i’ve ever seen.

Peace eZ” – Jp

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