[Visual] Stephen Wiltshire – Cityscapes From Memory

Posted in Art, Recommended, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on March 15, 2011

Stephen Wiltshire - Cityscapes From Memory

i remember seeing this dude on a documentary a while back; can remember being suprised by his talents but i obviously didn’t take a serious look @ his work because i’m now amazed. Stephen Wiltshire draws and paints detailed cityscapes; he draws lifelike, accurate representations of cities, having sometimes only observed them briefly.

Stephen Wiltshire - Cityscapes From Memory

born on 24th April, 1974, Stephen was a mute as a child, and did not relate well to other people. then at the age of three, he was diagnosed as autistic. he had no language and lived entirely in his own world. at the age of five, Stephen was sent to Queensmill School in London, where it was noticed that the only pastime he enjoyed was drawing. it soon became apparent he communicated with the world through the language of drawing; first animals, then London buses, and finally buildings.

Stephen Wiltshire - Cityscapes From Memory

here is immeasurable, natural innate artistry. i can’t look at a number & know for sure i’ve memorised it without a couple of takes; forget a city. dude is a beast, full stop.  his work is popular all over the world, and is held in a number of important collections.


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