[Visual] Marlon Torres – The Bridge {Short Film}

Posted in Film, Recommended, Short Film, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on October 23, 2010

the film originates from when writer and director Marlon Torres was told a ghost story as a child which haunted him for weeks. Torres was told a story of two siblings on a bridge and this caused too many sleepless nights for him to recount, so what happened Marlon!? well this film is an adaptation of that story, through the medium of short film. & having just sat through it, i can only say woah-mazing!

though the film is challenging,  Torres deliberately chooses not to spoon feed the audience, which left me with as many questions as it did answers; LOST anyone?! set in the midst of Germany at the end of the Second World War, three soldiers go in search of a missing letter which will allow one of their number to get news about his pregnant sweetheart. what happens next is very much down to the viewers interpretation, so i’ll leave you to decipher it for yourself.

on a relative, shoestring budget Torres has successfully managed to produce an enjoyable, enigmatic piece; think The Pacific in 24minutes.


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Root: vimeo – Marlon Torres


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