[Design] UrbanKind – Art Décor

Posted in Art, Design, Recommended by the.Zoo.keeper on October 13, 2010

UrbanKind - Art Décor

urbankind is the only place globally to source “one-off” pieces of “Art Décor”.

if you are looking for exclusive & original pieces of furniture with an added twist – décor containing unique / “one-off” urban art designs by some of the most famous UK artists, then look no further. – UrbanKind

it’s been a couple months since the Zoo HQ got a refurb, so these pieces from Urbankind are a real find. offering something a little different to Ilan Dei’s, Awake Your Inner Vandal series of ‘graffiti furniture‘; this collection is slightily more atypical, offering a cool collection of “one-off” furniture pieces, made more urban by designs from some of the best UK graffiti artists, think kinsey meets the Antiques Roadshow.

& even if we can’t afford the décor, we can join the FaceBook group.


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Root: UrbanKind


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