[Visual] Los del Lito Films – Perro Rojo {Short Film}

Posted in Film, Recommended, Short Film, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on September 21, 2010

An ecological reflection shot in science fiction key. The film Perro rojo (Red dog) makes the audience feel like being in not such a far future in which the destroyd human race survives in underwater shelters. It seems like nothing could survive out there after the holocaust, but the discovery, outside, of complex ways of live makes them feel renewed hope. The question is: how will humans be recieved in their return to promise land? – Los del Lito Films

this is a well conceived short film; & though the sentiments have been repackaged countless times in film it is well worth watching to the end to grasp the philosophical position this film has about our future; and what may happen if we chose to abuse the positions we hold in it as the most sentient species on the planet.


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Root: vimeo – Los del Lito Films


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  1. […] Cone & co. shows the future doesn’t have to be like those we see in most movies *cough* Perro Rojo *cough*; instead in this future every problem has its […]

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