[Print] skForlee – Walls Notebook

Posted in Print, Recommended by the.Zoo.keeper on September 7, 2010

skForlee - Walls Notebook

admittedly this is a late edition to the Zoo coffee table but Sherwood Forlee‘s – Walls Notebook is nothing short of genius; giving you wall-after-wall of New York city real estate that (suprisingly) has/had remained untainted; allowing you to ‘graf da wall up’ in the comfort of your home, office cubical, wherever; i guess it sort of defeats the rebellion graffiti, in part, represents but hey, long nights hanging precariously from a bridge doing ‘a Banksy‘ has never sounded like a good idea.

now here’s what to do, check out skForlee’s website, and buy the book; you probably won’t want to draw in it but @ 6.46, buy 2!

now i’m no graf artist but next time i’m in New York there’s going to be a lot stick men popping up all over the cities walls. try it out on your screen below; use a sharpie for that permanent effect.

skForlee - Walls Notebook

looking for inspiration? click ‘more‘.


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