[Photgraphy] FluzTypingZoo x Japan

Posted in Photography, Zoo Originals by slickerthantheaverage on August 21, 2010

FluzTypingZoo x Japan

Soon it will all be a distant memory, but certainly something that will live with me for ever. I have never believed in finding heaven on earth, but Tokyo is the closest thing that I will find. Everything from the people to the shops, to there unique way of life far surpassed my wildest dreams. My journey into the world of Japanese fashion began last Friday as we entered the Harajuku district. Walking down the Takeshita dori (main street) the anticipation of what lay ahead down the narrow off streets was intense. Tucked away I soon found Supreme & Neighborhood. Followed by the BBC Ice cream store. Then I knew I was truely at the “Mothership”. Along the way several buy/sell sneaker stores lined the street, passing Fools Judge advertising the famed Raekwon/Ghostface T shirt I knew some real finds were in store. However the major downside about the resell stores was the asking prices. 24,000 yen for a used Mike Tyson t shirt, even for me was a little over priced. But I couldnt help but pay the prices. Supreme & Neighborhood was a little dissapointing, very bare in stock. Most likely is between seasons, but still amazing stores to have visited. Thing I found with the Japanese people is there subtle but awesome dress sense. Nothing in your face, its the way that they carry themselves. Its as natural as it gets, wearing the labels because they want to – not to impress. Every where you looked people were out in numbers doing there own thing. Now im going to stop babbling on, sit back & let my pictures do the talking. Hopefully I have covered everything, I can honestly say that Tokyo truely is the place dreams are made of.

see you in the funny Pages” – ya boy Slick

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