[Visual] SepiaTown – From Here To Then

Posted in Photography, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on August 10, 2010

SepiaTown - From Here To Then

it’s been a long time (well, just over a week), i shouldn’t have left you, without my little nieces & nephews“. . . so here they are!

i’ve long been a fan of sepia sceneries; i guess i have a highly cliched ideal of a loft apartment filled with sepia toned images of New York City sky-lines. so when i stumbled across SepiaTown a few months back i was in a form of heaven.

incorporating antique (we’re talking turn-of-the-last-century) photos and images, mapping site SepiaTown is like an online time capsule of cities around the world; by that i mean they do England too.

users are able to upload historical images of buildings and other locations with precise addresses, so you can see just what the spot you’re standing on looked like 100 years ago. SepiaTown’s ‘Then/Now‘ feature allows you to compare a historical image to the current Google Street View, or you can map historical events, such as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943 or the 1928 UK Suffrage movement.

so start exploring SepiaTown, sign up to upload your own images, get historical background on the SepiaTown blog, see the latest user contributions, and, *take a breath* become a fan on Facebook.


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