[Design] Ilan Dei – Awake Your Inner Vandal

Posted in Art, Design by the.Zoo.keeper on August 2, 2010

Ilan Dei - Awake Your Inner Vandal

When I created Ilan Dei Studio 20 years ago, my aim was to offer consumers design characterized by what I termed lush minimalism. It is minimal in terms of line and form yet lush in materials and personal significance. Each piece is stripped of excess, and aims to send one strong, clear message charged with powerful emotion. It might trigger a memory, shape a lifestyle or simply inspire calm introspection. By maintaining clean, modern lines each piece broadcasts its message more powerfully, shape becomes memory, and memory becomes part of you. – Ilan Dei

Awake Your Inner Vandal’ is a contemporary furniture collection from Ilan Dei. positioning old, plain pieces of furniture alongside his graffiti designed interiors.

The graffiti is 3D-like in detail with the designs adding a depth to what would otherwise be clean but plain furniture.

Zoo HQ needs storage!

click ‘more‘ for pictures of the whole set.


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Root: Ilan Dei Studio

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  1. […] pieces from Urbankind are a real find. offering something a little different to Ilan Dei’s, Awake Your Inner Vandal series of ‘graffiti furniture‘; this collection is slightily more atypical, offering a […]

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