[Visual] Mad Decent – Favela On Blast {Official Trailer}

Posted in Preview, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on July 25, 2010

super-producer Diplo’s Favela on Blast film explores the vibrant music culture of funk carioca, which has been emanating for two decades from the poorest streets of Rio de Janeiro.

The DJ and Mad Decent founder traveled to Rio with Brazilian filmmaker Leandro HBL to capture the MCs, DJs, and dancers in action, bumping and grinding their way to euphoria. Electronic ’80s funk combines with bossa nova, samba, and other traditional Brazilian influences to create an impossibly bombastic sound, with songs like “Wanna Fuck?” appealing to the primal nature of desire — often leading to massive street parties that threaten to shift the power to the people of the favelas.

Read Diplo’s take on the making of the film, become a fan on Facebook, watch more video clips on the Favela on Blast Vimeo page, and check the Mad Decent website for purchase info.

this is one for the Zoo DVD collection fo’ sho’


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Root: Mad Decent – vimeo


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