[Visual] Emily Meither – Hipster Fashion Cycle

Posted in Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on June 30, 2010

Emily Meither - Hipster Fashion Cycle

Like the ocean’s tide, fashions ebb and flow. Whether it’s an indie band, a type of beer, a style of facial hair, a cut of jean, or t-shirt with obscure references, all trends come and go. (And then come and go again with each new generation, so keep those keffiyehs somewhere safe for your future children.) The infographic above deconstructs the natural cycle of hipster fashion, using the example of a hat. – Flavorwire

i still don’t know what a hipster is tbh; those guys on the City? some random ‘inde-rock‘ band? even though i couldn’t tell you what or who a ‘hipster’ is, though i could have a go at defining how trends emerge & evolve – it’s as follow, above – start at 12 o’clock.


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Root: NotCot


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