[Design] Grove Bamboo – iPhone 4 Case

Posted in Design, Tech by the.Zoo.keeper on June 30, 2010

Grove Bamboo - iPhone 4 Case

i’m broke, it’s been a long time since i’ve had to say this but i am trully ‘brasic‘ at the moment so the iPhone 4 is firmly on the christmas wishlist; right next to having Shay Maria perched under my christmas tree dressed as santa’s little helper. so seeing anything about the iPhone hurts as is but seeing these ill iPhone cases from Grove Bamboo is trully like a dagger.

it’d be cool if like most cool thing it’d be US only and limited in design but not only do they ship worldwide; you can get custom laser-etched patterns on them or choose from designs by 10 different artists. the case is only .07″ thick & is available in amber and natural bamboo with black or stainless steel bezel.

the ‘Bamboo Case‘ is available for $49.00-$69.00, from the Grove website.


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Root: Grove Bamboo


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