[Tech] Think Geek – Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

Posted in Apparel, Design, Tech by the.Zoo.keeper on June 26, 2010

Think Geek - Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

The Electronic Guitar Shirt from Think Geek is incredibly easy to play because each button on the neck is a major chord. She went on to mention how you can play dozens of classic rock songs with very little skill. However she warned us never to use the Guitar Shirt for evil, lest we are prepared to summon the Demon of Rock and duel to the death for musical supremacy. – Think Geek

had to take a few minutes considering whether to put this under [Apparel], [Design], or [Tech] but seeing as i wouldn’t buy this for the simple look of the cloth & it’s not as if the construction of the tee is of Michelangelo proportion so [Tech] it is.

this is beyond the realm of being truely ‘geek‘, too many possibilities; & all for less than $30!?

i want an Electronic Decks Shirt (patent pending).


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Root: Think Geek


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