[Event] Joel Kyack – Superclogger

Posted in Art, Events, Humour, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on June 24, 2010

Joel Kyack - Superclogger

Joel Kyack’s (MFA ’08) first large-scale public project, Superclogger, will present various puppet shows to L.A. drivers caught in afternoon traffic jams from a mobile theater housed in the back of a nondescript white pickup truck. Broadcasting soundtracks discretely to the viewer’s car stereo, Superclogger, curated by Cesar Garcia (MPAS ’09), aims to briefly halt the progression of chaos by temporarily drawing the audience out of the commute experience and placing them within an intimate space of engagement and performance that highlights their own individual presence within the broader structure of the traffic jam. – roski

Superclogger’ is a mobile puppet show from Joel Kyack but unlike anything you’d find from Joan Ganz CooneyRalph Rogers you won’t find this down on Sesame Street. ‘Superclogger’ caters to stressed motorists who are stuck in traffic .

performing the shows from the back of a non-de-script white truck, Joel Kyack performs his puppet shows with audio streamed through the trucks stereo. trouble is, even in the budget hit times, only in the *cough* forward-thinking *cough* USofA can the puppet shows be found.

taxi for Kyack.


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