[Tech] Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe – The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car

Posted in Design, Humour, Tech, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on June 6, 2010

EepyBird - The Coke Zero & Mentos Rocket Car

you will usually find Stephen Voltz & Fritz Grobe mixing a couple of litres of Coca-Cola with a few hundred Mentos, usually with (literally) explosive results (Vegas-worthy fountains); it’s amazing what reaction happens when nothing more than a few Mentos are dropped into a bottle of Coke, & by taking this to the next level the pair are once again reaching new levels.

What started out as a backyard gag of the “dude, do you know what happens when you mix Mentos and Coke” variety turned into one of the most viral videos of all time.

as we all know the world is soon going to re-enter an ice age in an attempt to restock its natural resources (so i’m reliably told). so to forbode this somewhat Voltz & Grobe have created a car (bike) powered (fueled) by Mentos and Coke Zero. this prototype has been in the making for years & finally these guys have harnessed the explosive power of these geysers and achieved human propulsion! 108 bottles of Coke Zero + 648 Mentos mints = 221 feet!

wonder how much petrol, oil, unsustainable gases it took to get these components in place? actually no i don’t – 221 feet!


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Root: EepyBird


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