[Visual] Devorah Sperber – Mirror Universe

Posted in Recommended, Visual by slickerthantheaverage on May 31, 2010

Devorah Sperber - Mirror Universe

Am I a “Treky”?,  sadly no. But I have always admired the following Star Trek has had. I can remember being a kid and always been amazed at the whole “Beam me up Scotty” concept. The holler deck concept was always my favourite, the things I would do!. But back to the exhibition at hand. The work called Mirror Universe by sculptor Devorah Sperber is based on images from the 1967 episode Mirror, Mirror. The sculpture is composed of a series of very familiar characters in the process of beaming up.  Spock, Kirk and McCoy are actually made up of semi translucent beads as the close ups here show. A very impressive piece indeed, although very pricey it is something I would love to own. See what you think.

More pics after the clicks

see you in the funny Pages” – ya boy Slick

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