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we catch up today with Nestor Judkins, another member from the adidas Skateboarding team. The skater also participated in the recent “Rolling London” video from adidas Originals and we wanted to check in with him and see how he experienced the city and more. – Highsnobiety

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Hs: How were the meat pies, mint sauce and eel jelly in London? Did you really eat all of that stuff when you were there?
NJ: It was good, although it made for a rough breakfast. It was a really heavy way to start the day. The place was a real old-school meat pie and live eel shop, family owned for generations, with amazing photos of the owner all over the walls. He had a lot of attitude. I’d gladly go back, maybe just a little later in the day.

Hs: How did you guys end up in a place like that?

NJ: We were given some nice east London local treatment from our good ol’ mate Neil Chester. He loves that place.

Hs: So you were filming a skate project for adidas but also there to be part of the global adidas television commercial. Did you feel important?
NJ: During the commercial we looked a little out of place among all the models and rappers and we were barely used in the final cut. I personally felt lucky and happy because we were both important and completely superfluous. So in the end we had a few free days in London outside the commercial shoot to go skate around and be tourists or locals or whatever, it couldn’t have been any better!

Hs: There were lots of extras on that shoot, all pretty young and fashionable. Did everyone hang out and have a big party when the camera wasn’t rolling?

NJ: Not really, they were mostly too concerned with looking cool and having their dance moves down to pay attention to us. So it was up to Benny spit some game at them. We mostly just sat on the sidelines and laughed at how weird it all was. At the end of the shoot they had a wrap party where everyone got pretty wild.

Hs: How was the Chelsea FC game against Tottenham Hotspur that you guys went to?
NJ: Amazing! That match was such a big deal that it would have been impossible to get tickets, even our taxi driver was tripping out that we managed to get seats. Luckily for us, Chelsea is our teammate on adidas, so they hooked us up and we got a behind the scenes tour of the place.

Hs: English football fans seem to be a fair bit different than the average American sports fan. Did you notice that people were reading books during the game and casually “golfing clapping” in celebration of a good play?
NJ: I think the best part of the match was what happened around it. Outside were hammered hooligans and loads of police to keep down a potential riot. Riding the tube back from the game we were surrounded by wasted fans with Chelsea tattoos singing and chanting old Chelsea songs. Right in front of us a fight almost broke out between some rival fans.

Hs: London is a city full of good stuff, what are some of your favorite things to do any time you find yourself there?
NJ: The city is massive; so the river Thames is a good place to start to get reacquainted, just hang out along that by embankment. The Tate Modern is a great museum, and free. East end is a cool area to hang out, good spots to eat and drink, shop, whatever. Just give me a London Pride and I’m a happy man.

Hs: You guys went to The National Museum to check out the Dinosaur exhibit and Darwin exhibit, right?
NJ: That’s right. We fit in a little culture for a skate trip. This trip was great because we were with a good crew of people who wanted to see and experience as much as we could while we were there.

Hs:Being a sponsored skateboarder lets you travel the world a lot, but you seem to travel more than the average. Is this by choice?
NJ: Yeah, completely by choice. We are so lucky to have the freedom of time. I’ve been traveling a lot on my own during any downtime between organized skate team trips. Also, what happens on a lot of skate trips is that we don’t have much time to experience where we are. I just want to see as much of the world as I can and experience new places through the locals. I’ve been lucky to make some good friends throughout the world that I can see from time to time. So I’ve been trying to travel as much as possible and incorporate skating into it so I can get my job done, and so far its been working out nicely.

Hs: Has riding for adidas allowed you to see more of the world?
NJ: adidas has helped a lot. The people involved think very internationally especially in terms of traveling to different cities for our ad campaigns, which is a great concept. adidas is based in Germany, so they are very open and supportive to the skate scene outside of California. They seem to trust me that I’ll get my skating done when I disappear on my own to wherever that may be.

Hs: Do you think you’ll ever want to slow down with traveling, or is this something that you’re going to take advantage of as long as possible?
NJ: Definitely as long as possible. It’s hard to stop once you get used to that lifestyle. I’ll save settling down for the future when it’s time for a family or real life or whatever.

Hs: What are some of your favorite places that you’ve been able to travel to so far?

NJ: Japan and China, thanks to adidas for those trips! Berlin is my favorite place to go whenever I get the chance. Kiev in the Ukraine is also one of my favorites, I love the east.

Root: Highsnobiety


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  1. w101 said, on May 11, 2010 at 12:01 pm

    nice find.

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