[Design] AdverPutt – Mini Golf

Posted in Apps, Design, Tech by the.Zoo.keeper on May 10, 2010

AdverPutt - Mini Golf

We all know game advertising is only going to get blatantly more intrusive. But I kinda like what Adverputt did with their mini-golf Flash game, seamlessly integrating the adverts with the multi-level playing course.

The current course has 12 holes, each of which can be sponsored by only one company at a time. – Cool Things

this is no Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 but AdverPutt have put together something to pass the time with their multi-level’y, golf course’y, adevertise’y, thing’y. i’m having trouble on the 6th hole but click here to try it out.


P.S.A.: playing this will not make you Tiger Woods, so the chances of pulling a buxom blonde while playing this are limited.


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Root: Cool Things


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