[Auidio] Braintax – D90 Remix (Prod. By Asavior)

Posted in Audio by HazBro on May 7, 2010

Braintax - D90 Remix (Prod. By Asavior)

Remix from Asaviour of the limited edition 7″ from the original Braintax – D90 Rules released in 2006 on Low Life Records. The production from Savvy is crispy as walkers and had me boppin around the yard twisting a two step to this on repeat. Peep the original from Braintax and then the flip from Asaviour and hit me up with a comment on which one you prefer.

For those that don’t know Joe Christie (Braintax) aka Brando Flux, was the co-founder of Low Life Records whose reputation as an artist in his own right has helped bring into the fold some of the UK’s most respected and exciting artists such as Task Force, Jehst, Rodney P, Mystro, Verb T, Dubbledge, Asaviour and Skinnyman. There was and still is alot of controversy behind the name as the label ended after the release of his “last and best album” and many artists were in dispute about how much they received over the years of working on his label. Regardless of how the situation ended this remix goes to show that the scene including its own artists still miss his presence and respect his body of work that remains relevant to this day.

D90 Rules (Savvy Remix) By Braintax



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