[Tech] Canon ae-1 Digital Camera

Posted in Design, Photography, Tech, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on May 1, 2010

Canon ae-1 Digital Camera

Greatest thing of all time? It’s at least in the running. Some very dedicated Canon lover (and DIYer) has put the guts from a modern Canon digital into the a hollowed-out AE-1, one of the wonderful old metal bodies from the early 80s. I learned to shoot on its elder sibling, the FTb, and I still love to just hold it my hands as a reminder of how things were once built. If only I could have both… like this thing. – CrunchGear

everybody & their ‘edgy‘ friend is a photographer these days, so this will surely interest a selection of Zoo viewers; can’t help but respect the craftsmanship that went into getting this up & running.

i’ve got a Kodak Disposable in a draw somewhere. . . “Huuuuuuh“!


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Root: CrunchGear


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