[General] Pizza Express – Political Pizza Faces

Posted in General, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on April 26, 2010

Pizza Express - Gordon Brown

Party leaders today get a taste of what voters really think of them: three political portraits (of Nick Clegg, David Cameron and Gordon Brown) by PizzaExpress bring to life what the public thinks they’re each made of. The pizza portraits consist of ingredients representing their character traits: Gordon Brown – Chilli (fiery, hot tempered); Tuna (clever); Ground Beef (untidy and a bit chunky); spinach (strong); David Cameron – Cheese (cheesy); Rocket (posh); Broccoli (healthy); Asparagus (environmental); Nick Clegg – Mustard (keen); Tomato (fresh); Spicy Sausage (passionate); Peas (pacifist).

judging from alot of peoples status updates on ‘social networks’ this election is interesting people of all ages, so it should be no surprise after the “Ben & Jerry’sMoon-ifesto” we now have the “PizzaExpress – Political Pizza Faces campaign“, through the use of YouGov PizzaExpress have polled the nation (i suspect only a percentage of it) and created the ‘Political Pizza‘ these limited edition pizzas are available in select PizzaExpress restaurants through till the elections on 6th May – i’ll be having a Gordon Brown.


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Root: Pizza Express


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