[General] GreenAid – Despensing Machine

Posted in Art, General, Humour, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on April 1, 2010

GreenAid - Vintage Candy Machine

April 1st is now officially, Vending Machine Day here at the Zoo, 2 posts on them in 1 day surely calls for a public holiday. . . no?! what do you mean no?! anyways. . .

Designers Kim Karlsrud and Daniel Phillips teamed up with urban planner David Fletcher to create the GreenAid project when Karlsrud inherited a batch of old candy machines. Seed bombs can be a stealthy tool for guerrilla gardening. Rather than surreptitiously putting in plantings late at night, folks can just toss this palm-sized mixture of dirt, clay, and seeds into a vacant lot and let nature do its thing! – Green UpGrader

as you can probably tell by now, i find the new uses of vending machines to be a good look but these get the green-thumbs up for the gardener in me, but why is it that shit stuff like this always comes out in America? does anybody know where i can get hold of an old vending machine? ’cause i know a few people in Brum that would like to be able to purchase a little green on the street corner.


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Root: Green UpGrader


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