[Visual] Kordian Lewandowski – Game Over

Posted in Art, Recommended, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on March 26, 2010

Kordian Lewandowski - Game Over

all the Nintendo related art going round @ the moment is making me too nostalgic.

& this time it is artist Kordian Lewandowski‘s turn with his take on the ‘la Pieta‘ by Michelangelo which he has reinterpreted using Nintendo characters, Mario & Princess Peach. the piece, named ‘game over’, is sculpted from polystyrene using a chainsaw! & has, with the use of Mario, effectively re-contextualized the biblical utterances ‘la Pieta‘.

you all know when comes when you click ‘more’.


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Root: Kordian Lewandowski


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  1. […] this for the simple look of the cloth & it’s not as if the construction of the tee is of Michelangelo proportion so [Tech] it […]

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