[General] Coca-Cola – Eco Bottle Project

Posted in General, Recommended, Tech, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on March 24, 2010

Coca-Cola - Eco Bottle Project

designed by Andrew Kim, a freshman in his second semester (first year university student to us Brits), these Coca-Cola bottles not only look the part but actually could serve a purpose; we all know we’re supposed to recycle but even though i separate my paper & plastic semi religiously, when the recycle men come on a monday, it all goes into the same pully.

i’m no environment nut purveyor but even so i’m impressed with the facts behind this potentially revolutionary change. these bottles are collapsible & are made of 100% organic material, a.k.a. sugar cane byproducts!

all i know is, for what is simply an academic project this guy has gone more than the extra mile; now if Coca-Cola (the company) would quit thinking of themselves as some kind of Pinochet, *cough* Killer Coke *cough*, these bad boys could be in our local select & saves with quickness.

visit Come Back Home for full details & as usual, click ‘more’ for the pics.


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Root: Andrew Kim


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