[Event] Souls Of Mischief @ The Rainbow : Friday 19th March 2010

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Souls Of Mischief @ The The Rainbow - 19.03.10

what a night it t’was, & thankfully for mostly the right reasons; shout out to the boy Nimoh for reaching, FlopMode, AC, Farz & zoo fam HazBro too. don’t even know where to start with this one, first couple hours were a blur; i remember getting to the Rainbow & waiting on the boys to complete their pilgrimage from Selly Oak then basically scattering around asking people when the main event would actually occur, trouble is everyone was clueless so we got the drinks in & headed to near the front for a prime spot. . . where we ended up standing for what turned into hours.

at some point during the wait night, somewhere between hearing T.R.O.Y. & the hype man karaoke’ing along to his 100th song of the evening, i’m sure the majority of the people in the crowd all had a moment when they thought, Souls aren’t coming; i know that i & a few other heads around me did & after being stood up ghosted by Distance & Instra:Mental no more than a week previously, i was beginning to get that feeling of rage disappointment again (on a side note, R.I.P. Custard Factory & shout outs to d’Bridge) but then MD & Beach came back from a cig-break saying they’d just seen them pull up outside & all was good, this got the peoples around us a little hyped but the subsequent 45+ minute wait for them to actually get on stage, which was preceded by what can only be described as amateur hour when 3 ‘talented gentlemen‘ got on stage & decided to clear the venue of half of it’s inhabitants to the tune of “Sheeeeeeee’s My EveryTHING!“, had the crowd almost comatose but the wait was most definitely worth it.

Tajai, Opio & Phesto (No a-Plus) were crazy, true Masters of the Ceremony – going through their newer material & of course dropping some classics. Tajai even got bored & decided to drop a freestyle. they performed for about 45 minutes & definitely gave us a show which, in length, is no comparison to when i went to see Public Enemy, they went for 3 hours!!!, but with me being a bigger S.O.M fan i’ll take the 45minutes. the turn out was good too, true Hip-Hop was most definitely in effect & there was nothing but good vibes all night except for somebody caught smoking getting jumped on by security; was even able to get some pics & ‘graphs off the guys afterward.

legendary night for Birmingham, shame if you missed it!

you want more pics? click ‘more‘ then!

& a big thank you to Vicky for the pics.


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Picture Proxy: Vicky H – flickr


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