[Audio] The Robert Glasper Beat Tape

Posted in Audio, Mixes by HazBro on March 22, 2010

The Robert Glasper Beat Tape

So.. I was like, I can’t sample the whole album and get away with it, can I ? Can I ??? I felt guilty already, so I figured I might as well do it, but call it a remix album or something.. And I started making these beats. – Robert Glasper

One for the heads. The Robert Glasper Beattape is up for free download. You need this believe me. Tracklist after click. Enjoi.

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TrackList –

1.Kiss 02:36
2.The Thief’s Theme 02:19
3.Get Busy 03:00
4.Something New 02:06
5.Dizzy 02:43
6.Can It B So Simple 02:49
7.Jay Hova / Music 03:33
8.Tribute 02:27
9.Praise & Praise 03:04


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