[Apparel] The Sand & The Spray (s/s 2010) : Sunday 21st Marh 2010

Posted in Accessories, Apparel by the.Zoo.keeper on March 21, 2010

The Sand & The Spray (s/s 2010)

The Sand & The Spray are a US based company, that specialise in of men’s bags and accessories. It’s not often that i pay much attention to newer brands (i’m abit stuck in my ways) but this, their first release, appears strong. marketing their bags as indestructible, their collection of – the Messenger, the Duffel, and the Tote all look good. i personally go hard for the Duffel bag & could definitely get down with the Tote bag too. the bags look top be of real high-quality, made from heavy duty natural canvas and webbing, finished off with hand printed designs.

with them being a new company & being based in the US, doubtlessly another one for the proxy but for one of these i wouldn’t mind. Tote’s & Duffel’s remain versatile bags for the one nighters or weekend trips & ts&ts look to have started off strong with these ones.

detailed pics of the collection when you click ‘more’.


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Root: The Sand & The Spray


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