[Visual] Nina Maria Kleivan – The Despotties

Posted in Art, Humour, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on March 18, 2010

The Despotties - Amin

i seriously must be losing it because last time i checked, The Last King of Scotland, Idi Amin looked more like Forest Whitaker than like a white a baby but these pictures by Nina Maria Kleivan depicting ‘The Despotties‘, dictators such as Hiltler & Stalin to name a few, has me thinking how wrong that film may have been.

Artist Nina Maria Kleivan snapped year-old Faustina as despots including Hitler, Idi Amin and Joseph Stalin.

She made the tiny uniforms, gave Faustina a make-up ‘tache for some photos – and sent them on a touring exhibition to explore “the meaning of evil”.

Dane Nina said: “It was strange to see her dressed as Hitler, but I thought of her as a doll. It was very difficult for me to sew the swastika on her little sleeve.” – The Sun

the pics have been catching some heat for obvious reasons & there is obviously a strong element of publicity stunt here but they are funny & as far as baby pictures go, these win on too many levels.

more Despotties after the click.


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Root: The Sun


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