[Apparel] Rhythm Footwear – ‘Soft Leather’ Pack (s/s 2010) : Monday 01st March 2010

Posted in Apparel, Recommended by the.Zoo.keeper on March 1, 2010

Rhythm Footwear - 'Soft Leather' Pack (s/s 2010)

Rhythm are another one of those Japanese labels i’d heard about yet never really paid much attention to, the silhouettes of their footwear has always seemed clean but not until the release of the ‘Soft Leather’ pack am i taking notice; they have a quirky exploit of naming their cfootwear after food; i’d sampled their Baguettes & Danish’s but never felt to buy any but with the ‘Soft Leather’ release we have the Sandwich Hi, Sandwich Lo, & my clear favourite, the Bagel. the Bagel, with its soft leather upper is definately on the hitlist for this spring/summer.

Jp READY?! Proxy READY?! 3-2-1 COP!

pics of the full range & colours after the click.


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