[Visual] Folk & Stress by iHipHop

Posted in Audio, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on February 28, 2010

A Sound Mind, In These Down Times, That’s What I’m Trying To Maintain; That’s Hard To Do, When A Part Of You, Has Gone Completely Insane” – Stress

coming from New York these brothers (bio-logically, duh) a.k.a. Folk & Stress form a deadly duo, with Folk usually on the production & Stress on the mic, though they both have credibility on the mic as was heard on the track drainos i posted the leak to a few weeks back.

more than any other music form i love my hip hop so it’s good to view a video where artists actually speak their opinion rather than hype, & this is especially interesting when the talk comes from the demographic that have been accused (& rightly so, at times) of aiding the death of the art form they represent; & in the above video folk goes in hard on aLife buying, Vans wearing hip hoppers.

interview & some freestyle videos after the click.


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they hooked up with iHipHop member Sam for these interviews & he was haps with how they went –

This was definitely one of the most fun interviews I have ever done. It was also the only interview that I’ve ever gone to where the rappers just wanted to. . . rap. So we burned a couple down, and I let the camera roll as Stress went the f*ck in at Folk’s Williamsburg apartment. There was also some very interesting dialogue. Namely that Folk & Stress were discovered by recently convicted former NBA star Jayson Williams. They recant being whisked away to Aspen and studio sessions at Jay-Z’s spot. Howscenestersare ruining hip-hop and their influences consisting of Charles Manson, Kurt Vonnegut & Glen Beck were also touched on. F&S also declare that they are “your favorite rapper’s, least favorite rapper”, and how their life is nota movie”.

Folk & Stress Ironically Talk Influences/ Freestyle

Folk & Stress Discuss Linking Up With Jayson Williams

Root: iHipHop – vimeo


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