[Audio] A UK Hip Hop Revival by Tommy Gun

Posted in Audio, Mixes by HazBro on February 28, 2010

A UK Hip Hop Revival by Tommy Gun

Poisoned Ballads – A UK Hip Hop Revival by Tommy Gun, complied using 100% wax.

This mix has had me hooked all week. Every track on this mix immediately conjures up some wonderful memory from my gnargore days.  For example “Skitz & Rodney P – DedicationInstantaneously reminds hopping on the infamous 11C bus and riding to school, then praying for traffic so I could finish listening to the rest of “Countryman” before i had to get off.

Blak Twang – Dettwork SouthEast I remember borrowing  a cassette from Down Town Dave Brown (DTDB) with this track on, was so hyped, but it the sound would always cut out for about 30 seconds half way into the verse.Always wounded out by that. Anyways fooking amazing track, Twang’s flow is crazy too

Braintax – Escuchame” = Summer holidays 2002, “Birofunk”, heatwave, chilling outside old ideal, skating centenary square (RIP) with the ALLLLLL the boys. Going home scanning and editing the dates on our passports, then printing them out at the Corke residence to use as ID. Followed by Raphael’s linkage in forum, followed by a army of 16-18 years olds walking through central, down to the Academy (RIP). “I’ll have 9 Vodka Red Bulls & A Pint Glass Please

Anyways that’s enough reminiscing (gyod I’m only 22). Definitely a must for the UK heads. Download and let the memories flow. Click HERE to listen & download. Tracklisting after click.


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Tracklisting –

Task Force – Onestepahead
Mystro (Feat Jargon & Skinnyman) – The Word’S Out
Mark B & Blade (Feat Lewis Parker & Skinnyman) – The Long Awaited
Mc Mello – Melloizdaman (Acapella Mashup)
Skitz & Rodney P – Dedication
Rodney P – Murderer Style
Tempa (Out Da Ville) – Life
Blak Twang – Dettwork Southeast (New X Mix)
Braintax – Eschuchame
Braintax – Tools
Braintax – Jokes Over
Braintax – Supa T & Lewis Parker, Life & Breath
Lewis Parker – 101 Pianos
Lewis Parker – It’S All Happening Now
Profound & Lewis Parker – An Undercurrent
Profound & Lewis Parker – Cold Desert (In The City)
Bury Crew – Hide
Secondson (Feat Task Force) = Valley Of The Crows
Task Force – It’s Us We’Re Back
Roots Manuva – Wisdom Fall
Roots Manuva – Evil Rabbit
Roots Manuva – Where My Mind Is At


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