[Print] Complex Magazine – The 50 Most Racist Films

Posted in Article, Print, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on February 26, 2010

50 Most Racist Movies

was going through my Read It Later list & finally got round to going through Complex Magazine‘s list of the 50 Most Racist Films & it’s a solid list as usual; with the best thing about the list being that it takes films from a whole range of the media; the lists isn’t simply about films that drop the odd N* bomb, it looks into the deeper workings of racism in film & the media at large.

it’s covers a whole spectrum of films; from Song Of The South, an early example of Disney taking the race stick & beating the crap out of a minority with it because i can assure you Uncle Remus is no uncle of mine, to a film like Gremlins, you know the film about those fried chicken eating nuisances & then proving prejudice is a double edged sword White Chicks made 6 on the list.

the list has some noticeable absentees though, Crash anyone!? & oh yea, free Pocahontas!


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