[Audio] Simply Samples : Monday 22nd February 2010

Posted in Audio, Simply Samples by HazBro on February 22, 2010

I feel like I’ve neglected “Simple Samples” as of late. Therefore I decided to have a little rummage through my 12” collection and found this. Marc Moulin – Placebo Sessions: 1971-1974. Marc Moulin began his musical career as a pianist in jazz-circles. As customary in the jazz-scene, he played with many European & American musician in ever changing line-ups.

Sampled –

Placebo – Humpty Dumpty

Placebo became the band that Marc Moulin assembled (not to be confused with the Brian Molko Placebo) Placebo was the first Belgian group to advance in jazz/funk/rock territories. As a result are considers pioneers within the fusion scene. “Humpty Dumpty” appeared on their first LP “Ball Of Eyes” in 1971. More after the click.

In 1999 British producer Andrew Turner aka Aim used “Humpty Dumpty” on the track “Ain’t Got Time to Waste” which featured on the album “Cold Water Music”. Furthermore in 2006 producer J-Dilla added a new dimension to “Placebo’s” classic. Instead of just sampling the track Dilla, Karriem Riggins, Dontae Winslow and Rhodes did a complete cover using their own instruments. This track is known as the” “Love Jones” and features on the album “The Shining”.

In 2007 Polish rapper O.S.T.R used “Humpty Dumpty” on the track “Brzydki, Zły i Szczery”. As with the majority of Hip-Hop that originates from Europe, I don’t have a clue what the dude is saying, but it sure sounds nice.

Placebo: Humpty Dumpty
From: Ball Of Eyes (CBS, 1971)

Aim: Ain’t Got Time To Waste
From: Cold Water Music (Grand Central Records, 1999)

J Dilla: Love Jones
From: The Shining (BBE Records, 2006)

O.S.T.R: Brzydki, Zły i Szczery
From: HollyŁódź (Asfalt Records, 2007)


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