[Visual] Wolfman {Review}

Posted in Review, Visual by the.Zoo.keeper on February 12, 2010

went to watch The Wolfman on wednesday & i have nothing much else to say but disappointed, could use a whole load of euphemisms but i’ll leave you with “Crap!“; the thing that makes it so terrible isn’t even the storyline, i’ve grown used to Hollywoods terrible writings; it’s the graphics! in this day & age i expect more, seriously. Transformers 2 for example, the story was weak but the graphics kept me amused.

all i can say is thank god it was 2-for-1 Wednesday or i’d have been even more pissed. if you’re considering going to watch it this weekend, save your time, cash & so on. thankfully the seats at the AMC are comfortable & the armrests go up, made for a good sleep after the first hour till i woke up for the last 10 & wished i’d have stayed comatose.

but to be fair the whole film wasn’t bad, there was a brief glimmer of hope; & her name was E-M-I-L-Y B-L-U-N-T. Emily Blunt? Whattttt?! i hear you say. well i don’t know what it is but i must have a thing for red heads because Emily has now made the hitlist.

Peace eZ” – Jp

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