[Apparel] Mitchell & Ness – Michael Jordan Collection : Friday 12th February 2010

Posted in Apparel, Grails by the.Zoo.keeper on February 12, 2010

Mitchell & Ness - Michael Jackson Collection : Friday 12th February 2010

with Jordan Brand collaborating on what i can only term as a reworked pair of moon boots with NIKE; Mitchell & Ness bring Micheal Jordan back down to earth with the re-release of a classic; they are re-issuing the 1985 NBA all-*Star* Game jersey Michael Jordan wore in his first appearance, in 1985.

i’ve always been a fan of vintage basketball jerseys & throwbacks; the simple fonts & logos are timeless design.

the fact Mitchell & Ness chose to re-issue Jordan’s 1985 all*Star* jersey is understandable yet random, he was froze out of the game veterans had a poor match by his standards, only scoring 7 points, in 22 minutes. . . but enough for the history lesson.

hopefully Mitch’ & Ness drop a few more collectables for this collection because this jersey is at grail status for when i become rich & shameless.

Peace eZ” – Jp

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