[Tech] Lasonic – “Retro” Blaster Boombox Speakers {For iPod}

Posted in Tech by HazBro on February 11, 2010


Lasonic - "Retro" Blaster Boombox Speakers {For iPod}


Beautiful, without a doubt the coolest iPod speakers I’ve ever ever laid my eyes upon. Lasonic, who were responsible for some of the craziest looking ghettoblasters in the 80’s, brings you their Retro Blaster Boombox for iPod series. This massive Boombox, weighing almost 18lbs, blasts your iPod with 12Watts of power per speaker. You actually insert the iPod into the boombox like you would any normal, antiquated cassette tape. More after the click.

“Peace” – HazBro

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It features separate bass and treble controls, FM/AM tuner with 20 preset stations per band, LCD display, AUX in, Mic in (with echo/volume control), and full function remote control. In addition, the Retro Blaster can read USB flash drives and SD/MMC memory cards to playback MP3 files, it also has an alarm with wake and sleep function, real time clock display, and can run off a power cord or batteries (so you can rock it on your shoulder and jam it in the street. Wouldn’t advise doing this to be honest, you will probably get jacked by some asbo on a bmx). Its MAJORRR downfall though is its lack compatibility. For some reason it’s not compatible with a iPod Touch or iPhone. Nevertheless it is still the best looking speaker system available for the iPod. Check out the Lasonic Store to order yours or just bask in their beauty.

Proxy: Lasonic Store


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