[Apparel] A.P.C New Cure @ Oi Polloi : Monday 08th February 2010

Posted in Apparel, Recommended by slickerthantheaverage on February 8, 2010

A.P.C. - New Cure @ Oi Polloi : Monday 08th February 2010

Admittedly they’ve been hot for a while but I finally got around to copping my first pair of A.P.C denim over the xmas period & finally got a chance to rock them today. A.P.C has quickly gained street wear approval following a collabo with Supreme last year.

After trying out Dior 19cm jeans earlier in the year I was left feeling a little disappointed. Although the denim was good quality, i wasn’t feeling the cut. Plus the jeans came with a standard 38″ leg meaning they had to be tailored. So I felt the need to see what A.P.C had to offer.

Personally, im pleasantly suprised.

The cut, check! No need for tailoring. A perfect fit!.

Denim quality, check! If not better than Dior 19cm.

Price, check! Compared to the $400 I paid for the Dior 19cm denim. And at £110 from Oi Polloi, i recommend you check them out.

see you in the funny Pages” – ya boy Slick

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