[Visual] The Book Of Eli {Review}

Posted in Recommended, Review, Visual by slickerthantheaverage on February 5, 2010

At first this film had me thinking it would be just another post apocalypse movie, trying to pick up where Mad Max left off but after watching the film last night i’m pleasantly surprised.

Eli (Denzel Washington) has been on a journey for 30 years, walking west across America after a cataclysmic war that turned the earth into a total wasteland. The world has become a lawless civilization where people must kill or be killed. After the war and the “Big Flash”, Eli was guided by a higher power to a hidden book and given the task of protecting the book and taking it to its final destination. Eli guards the book with his life, because he knows that the book is the only hope that humanity has for its future.

For me the film is a modern day parable, very humble.

Im not going to go into too much detail, but it has got me thinking. Excellent action scenes, with an interesting twist.

Go see it & judge for yourself.

see you in the funny Pages” – ya boy Slick

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