[General] MixTape USB & StuffBox @ Suck UK

Posted in General, Tech by the.Zoo.keeper on February 3, 2010

Suck UK - MixTape

stumbled over a company called Suck UK, they make “home accesories & unique gifts“; like the one above; a USB mixtape! they market it as a new age version of a mix-tape that people would make for their ‘loved ones’ but i think it would simply be ill to put in my top pocket & pull it out when ever my USB is needed – slight trouble though, the USB is only 128mb so i’ll be holding on to my pennies until it gets a much needed GB upgrade.

thing i like about sites like SucK is that they innovate in ideas that aren’t quite a necessity but have some semblance of use; Sun Jar anyone?

something i will be buying now though, a “Stuff Box(or 4) nothing like abit more storage & these boxes will look good on any shelf –

SucK UK - StuffBox

check out the SucK UK website for more random goods.

Peace eZ” – Jp

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