[Apparel] Award Tour ‘Relief’ Beanie @ the Corner Store : Sunday 17th January 2010

Posted in Apparel, Recommended by the.Zoo.keeper on January 17, 2010

Award Tour "Relief" Beanie : Sunday 17th January 2010

in a sense, Award Tour are quite a new brand, i had a beanie from their first ever run (thanks eBay!) but on the grand scheme i can only think of one place in the UK that stocks them. so after seeing they had dropped a new set of Beanies in aid of the Haiti earthquake i thought i’d post up on the company for those that don’t know.

check the site for more info – The Award Tour

as far as the beanies, they sold out like there was only 20 of them. . . (oh, there was only 20 of them) but hopefully they’ll be putting out a run of these in the future, for a less depressing cause of course.

props to the Tour for this one.

i don’t claim to be the first but i intend to make sure i’m not the last, i share the wealth.

Peace eZ” – Jp

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