[Apparel] Wings + Horns (s/s 2010) : Saturday 16th January 2010

Posted in Apparel, Recommended by the.Zoo.keeper on January 16, 2010

Wings & Horns - Spring/Summer 2010 : Saturday 16th January 2010

a few times every couple of weeks i see stuff on the trawl which i truly like & i must say, i am liking what i’ve been seeing from Wings + Horns lately & feel it’s only right that i highlight the Spring/Summer 2010 collection; during one of my internet blog-scope session i have seen that they have released a lookbook for the range & thought i had to highlight them here – a few weeks back pictures surfaced of a few items from the collection but the lookbook has put them over the edge for me – it’s a slightly cleaner look than what i’ve seen from the before, showing how versatile their items can be so i must admit i’m seriously liking this brand.

in the pictures from the lookbook the model wouldn’t look out of place in a whole load of different situations. i can vouch for the quality of the brand also, being an owner of a few of their items i can vouch for that. selected lookbook pics after the click.

i don’t claim to be the first but i intend to make sure i’m not the last, i share the wealth.

Peace eZ” – Jp

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