[Print] Complex Magazine – The Encyclopedia Of White Rappers

Posted in Article, Print by the.Zoo.keeper on January 15, 2010

The Encyclopedia Of White Rappers

Complex Magazine, compiled a long-long list of the white MC’s; well into the 100s. the whole white rapper isuue has been debated so i’m not even going to bother delving deeply into it all over again – i respect technique, whatever the creed. as long as a white MC doesn’t take the fact they’ve been accepted into (what was one a soley) black culture as a sign of ‘blackness’, i’m all for talent. there’s a whole load of Black MC’s on Channel AKA & Mtv Base that can’t stand toe-to-toe (lyrically) with well over half on this list so real-know-real.

few of my personal faves include – A.D.O.R.; Everlast; High & Mighty; Atmosphere (suprising ommision); RA the Rugged Man and many more but i’m getting tired.

i wasn’t even surprised by how many of these MCs have blessed my iPod but perhaps you’ll be surprised by just how many bless yours?

Peace eZ” – Jp

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Root: Complex Magazine


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