[theLinksEffect] Monday 11th January 2010

Posted in theLinksEffect by the.Zoo.keeper on January 11, 2010

theLinksEffect - 11•01•10

every day-or-few be posting things i’ve e-seen over the past few day(s) that you should be looking @ too – i do the hours of trawling so you don’t have too – theLinksEffect.

I don’t claim to be the first but i intend to make sure i’m not the last, i share the wealth.

click ‘Read More’ for the links.


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Microsoft confirmed the xBox 360 is about to go all Nintendo Wii, with Project Natal. full body motion sensing. now instead of throwing the wii remote @ the tv screen when you lose you can do the old fashioned thing and put your foot threw it instead. video is worth a look. {YouTube} <- Link

if you’re a gamer you’ll understand the hype behind, the Razer Onza xBox 360 controller, customizable hyper response buttons! – hopefully Microsoft allow them to make a wireless version. {TechCat} <- Link

20 Films to look out for this year. Hot Hub Time Machine is a good look, anything with Craig Robinson should be funny; & lest we forget TOY STORY 3! i don’t care how old you are Pixar make films for you. {io9} <- Link

ever been in the shower & came up with an idea that could change your life? me neither but i wonder if the work in the bath? {AquaNotes} <- Link

over the weekend Myleene Klass has added to the knife crime epidemic – i guess it’s not only a black-on-black street crime problem now is it!? {The Mail} <-Link

an article from last decade! the 50 best jokes of the “noughties”. personal favourites; 46, 26, 18,15 & 1. {The Telegraph} <- Link

StumbleUpon YouTube Link o’ the Day. {YouTube} <- Link


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