[Audio] MF Doom Coming To The UK?

Posted in Audio, Preview by the.Zoo.keeper on January 9, 2010

Daniel Dumile

the fact he was born in the UK means it’s about damn time he came “home” & put on a show. rumour has it he’ll be playing @ the Sonar Festival, the 5th & 6th March.

trouble is. . .

Mr. Doom is known for pulling pranks, as short a while ago as November last year Doom threw one of his now infamous ‘Fake Concerts’.

now imagine that, but in England. a room full of people that just spent £50 on a ticket, that’s a little steep just to see a dude in a mask mime his way through America’s Most Blunted.

just remember Doom’s own words, “Everything that we do is villain style,” Doom says. “Everybody has the right to get it or not get it. Once I throw it out, it’s there for interpretation. It might’ve seemed like it didn’t go well, but how do we know that wasn’t just pre-orchestrated so that we’re talking about it now? I tell you one thing: People are asking more now for live shows and I’m charging more, so it must’ve worked somewhere.

i’m a big Doom fan but he best not mess with my money on this one.


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thanks to Kevin for the heads up.

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