[theLinksEffect] Thursday 07th January 2010

Posted in theLinksEffect by the.Zoo.keeper on January 7, 2010

theLinksEffect - 07•01•10

every day-or-few be posting things i’ve e-seen over the past few day(s) that you should be looking @ too – i do the hours of trawling so you don’t have too – theLinksEffect.

I don’t claim to be the first but i intend to make sure i’m not the last, i share the wealth.

click ‘Read More’ for the links.


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Complex Magazine have compiled a list of the most violent video games EVER! click the link to see if you agree – number one is suprising. {Complex} <- Link

Oki-Ni have a crazy sale going on – from the bespoke to the street folk, they cater for all. {Oki-Ni} <- Link

SnkrFrkr have put together a year review in sneakers; personal faves: Vans x HUF “Old Skool LX” + Patta Air Max {SneakerFreaker} <- Link

if you haven’t heard about the new “SuperPhone” that is the NexUsOne, where have you been!? well if you haven’t (& even if you have) take a look @ yet another review. {The Telegraph} <- Link

finally, is Jay-Z a Mason? some people say his videos of late are pointing in a certain direction *cough*mason*cough*, whilst some people say Jay is doing it all for publicity. all i know is, this stuff isn’t nothing to play with & the evidence is stacking up. {YouTube} <- Link


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