[Print] GQ Magazine – Here Come. . . The DubSteppers

Posted in Article, Print by the.Zoo.keeper on January 7, 2010

"Here Come. . . The DubSteppers"

GQ Magazine have an article up about DubStep, or should i say “Dubsteppers”. but who are ‘they’ & are ‘they’ really coming? Nick Mee talks about Hektagon, The Widdler but little else. the article serves more as a review of upcoming releases than a real insight; i’m not too precious when it comes to DubStep so if it stays in Digbeth or goes to GateCrasher, meh, don’t get me wrong i like my Dub but i love my Hip-Hop & d’N’b.

by-the-by, i love the words DubSteppers, so long & the 3rd syllable makes it sound like a genre by-cats-for-cats – puuuuurssss!


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Root: GQ Magazine


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